Humes Security, Steam Controller & Concrete Batch Plant

Security Lights: design, plan and install

Industrial lights controlled by a PEL light cell and a time clock which prevented wastage as the lights were unable to be switched on in daylight hours. They were controlled automatically by a time clock.

The lights held a dual purpose as staff could work early morning and late evening as well as serving a security function.

Steam Controller

To allow the crucial products to dry at the appropriate rate and to maximuise strength in the concrete product, Davidson Bros created a Steam Controller to meet the prerequisite of Humes’ larger clients.

Concrete Batch Hut

Davidson Bros worked with Humes engineers to custom build an electrical design whichallowed Humes the control to develop their own concrete recipesin order to fulfil the needs of their diverse customer base.

Davidson Bros installed a variable speed drive to allow the different batches of concrete mix to be thrown directly into cement trucks.