Test & Tag

As the Occupational Health & Safety act becomes more dominant in our workplaces and plays a major cost factor in our day to day operations, Davidson Bros Electrical are able to offer workplace electrical safety checks and inspections which will ensure your workplace complies with all legislation, codes of practice and relevant standards.

Electricity is quite unique in that it is invisible but has the capacity to cause serious injury or death. Davidson Bros Electrical team of technicians all take work place safety extremely seriously & we will work with you to keep your workplace safe for you, your team and your customers, in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010.

Davidson Bros Electrical are highly sought after test & tag technicians who conduct onsite testing and tagging and supply you with a comprehensive report upon completion. Our test frequency varies anywhere from one monthly to five yearly depending on the device, its location, usage and the environment in which it is housed.

Items that require regular testing and tagging to ensure compliance include, but are not limited to: all electrical appliances; emergency lighting and exit signs; RCD’s / safety switches; chargers; extension leads; computers; photocopiers; printers; power boards; pie warmers; drills; air compressors and many more…

During the course of our test and tag visit our electricians will inspect the equipment to check for any damage, they test the insulation resistance and check polarity as well as a protective earth continuity test.

Here at Davidson Bros Electrical we also have the capacity to conduct Three Phase tests. These are generally conducted in industrial settings with heavy machinery & power tools, but still include the same tests, inspections, and reporting of all results.

A crucial component of the test & tag team is the final report. Comprehensive reports listing every single item tested are compiled and sent to the customer ensuring compliance with Australian Standards AS/NZS3760:2010

We have the resources and systems in place to carry out inspections and checks, report and record results of the testing program and the frequency of testing to satisfy your workplace obligations.

Simply call us on 67661188 to arrange your workplace Test & Tag.